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We have been singing since at ages 7, 9 and 10 we took our first singing lessons with Dean Kaelin.   Later on we were asked to sing a song in front of over 3,000 people!   The strange thing though, was the fact that we weren’t even that nervous.   After this we felt more and more comfortable singing in front of an audience, and had the opportunity to sing in Christmas festivals, parties, and more.  Then it occurred to us that our singing business was getting pretty serious.  This meant it was time for us to choose a group name.”  🙂
We started off using the group name “Shine” but later changed it to ELENYI  — and the cool thing about it, is that it means about the same thing as our previous name, shine.  Elenyi comes from the Greek language, and means: ray of sunlight
We are bilingual.  We speak both English, and Spanish.  Two of us were born in Chile.
One of our main goals in singing is to be able to touch the lives of others for good. Music was made to help change the mood of people who might be having a bad day, or things just aren’t going right for them.